Structural Biology and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

24 Nisan 2023

Burak Servili

25th of April at 03:30 PM, Galata Salonu

Structural Biology and Molecular Dynamics Simulations 

Structural biology and molecular dynamic simulation studies are the fundamentals of deciphering inter- and intra-molecular interactions in a molecular level and are the key methodologies for designing drugs. Simulating micro and macro molecules obtained either experimentally or from computer studies is possible by monitoring their dynamics under desired conditions, the level of which cannot be reached experimentally with the current technology. In this talk, we will dive into the details of the molecular world by focusing on their interdisciplinary applications. Also, we will investigate the interactions of the complex molecular world by discussing the basics of the molecular dynamic simulations. 

After graduating from the Biology Department of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, he continued his education and completed his master’s program in the Yeast Genetics laboratory of the same university. Then he attended a Ph.D. Program at the Bioinformatics and Genetics Department of Kadir Has University.  He continues his studies on molecular dynamics simulations and drug design. Also, he works on three-dimensional modeling and animation visualizations to make complex-scientific subjects more cognizable. Since November 2020, he works as a visiting scholar at Kadir Has University, Core Program.