KHAS 107 Design

22 June 2023
This course aims to introduce the students to the wide world of design and its culture through a variety of perspectives. The course presents design in an expanded scope including technical/technological, material, spatial, ecological, political, economic, and global perspectives. It presents a rich variety of works in various scales blurring the boundaries between design, arts, architecture, engineering, science and interior and exterior space. Styles, materials, and concepts, in their relation to creative production, technological culture, industry will be exemplified. The course will evolve around the following dichotomies analog/digital, crafted/fabricated, personal/social, particular/general, material/non-material, standard/non-standard while focusing on the concepts of sustainability, recoverable, upcycled, recycled, copyright, copyleft, technology, open-sourced and appropriated. The course will be structured as four three-week modules which will focus on understanding the power of design, expanding the toolkit for design, representing and mapping how design shapes everyday life and how everyday life shapes design, and experimenting with particulars of data-driven design.

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