The Core Program courses are taken by freshmen students. The program consists of 6 compulsory courses in the Fall Semester, and 2 compulsory courses along with elective courses in the Spring Semester.

Students should check the curriculum of their departments to see which courses they are to take. The Faculty of Law and the Department of Theatre, for instance, have different approaches to the Core Program. The students of all other departments take the following courses in the Fall Semester:

  • KHAS101: Origins and Consequences
  • KHAS103: History of Humankind
  • KHAS105: Universal Values and Ethics
  • KHAS107: Design
  • KHAS109: Computational Thinking
  • TLL101: Critical Thinking and Writing in Turkish I
  • TLL103: Speaking, Reading and Writing in Turkish for International Students I (This course is compulsory for international students only)

There are only two compulsory courses (and their equivalents for foreign students) in the Core Program in the Spring Term:

  • KHAS110: Civic Responsibility Project (Compulsory for all Departments)
  • KHAS120: Civic Responsibility Project for International Students (Compulsory for International Students)
  • TLL102: Critical Thinking and Writing in Turkish II
  • TLL104: Speaking, Reading and Writing in Turkish for International Students II (This course is compulsory for International Students only)

In the Spring term, students also take courses from the Core Program Elective Course Pool. The number of ”Core Elective” courses students should take is determined in their departmental curriculums.

Some courses in the Core Program Elective Course Pool are compulsory for some departments (see Question 2).

  • KHAS102: Scientific Discoveries and Engineering
    • Compulsory for:
    • Department of Bioinformatics and Genetics
    • Department of Electrical- Electronics Engineering
    • Department of Mechatronics Engineering
  • KHAS104: Art, Literature, and Controversy
    • Compulsory for the Department of Theatre
  • KHAS112: Thinking Mathematically
    • Compulsory for:
    • Department of Architecture
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Political Science and Public Administration
    • Department of International Relations, Department of Management
    • Department of International Trade and Finance
    • Department of Management Information Systems
    • Department of Bioinformatics and Genetic
    • Department of Industrial Engineering
    • Department of Computer Engineering
    • Department of Electrical- Electronics Engineering
    • Department of Mechatronic Engineering
    • Department of Civil Engineering

This varies for each department. Students must take the number of Core Program Electives as determined in their departmental curriculums.

The Core Program courses aim to equip students with certain skills and competencies besides content-based English education. Therefore there are no courses equivalent to them in other universities. Therefore, students are not allowed to be exempted from the compulsory courses in the Core Program.

Students who successfully pass the Proficiency Exam at the end of the Fall term cannot start the Core Program in Spring.

These students must enroll in the “Track 5+” program designed by the English Preparatory School, to which departments contribute with seminars, lectures and other activities.

Core Program Elective Courses are only open to freshmen Core Program students. Students in the upper semesters cannot take these courses.

No. Students need to complete the compulsory Fall courses to be able to enroll in the Spring Core courses.

Students who fail in the Fall courses of the Core Program can continue with the Spring Core courses. These students must pass the Core Program compulsory courses in the next Fall Semester.

They can take the same course(s) again in the Spring Semester of the following year. Alternatively, they can take any Core Program Elective Course of their choosing instead of the course they failed.

The Core Program is designed with a content-based English education approach. Therefore Core Program students do not take EL-coded English courses.